I grew up here in Madison thinking macaroni and cheese was a vegetable. By the time I was headed to Ole Miss I weighed over 300lbs with a number of hypokinetic disease symptoms. I joined ROTC and tried the full gamut of diet and exercise programs to get within physical standards and it was the CrossFit methodology that made the most difference in my fitness. While I was on active duty in the Air Force I realized I wanted to help others live a higher quality life starting with the basics of diet and exercise. I earned a Master's Degree in Exercise, Health & Wellness, got out of the military to open Kudzu CrossFit, and continued to earn education, licensure, and experience in massage therapy, and yoga. In my opinion, humans are mutualistic and thereby heal each other best with socially charged group exercise. 

  • CFL1
  • YYT 200
  • MS, Exercise Science
  • RPR 2, Massage Therapist
  • NASM, Corrective Exercise Specialist
Stephen Pruitt