Jeff - 42

I started at Kudzu in September 2013 at the age of 42. Prior to coming to Kudzu I had a couple of month's experience with a neighborhood CrossFit type group, which was a great introduction to varied exercise programming, however, it was missing the Olympic weightlifting. Prior to the summer of 2013 and Kudzu, I had never really exercised in my life. I was weak, slightly overweight, constantly lacking in energy and truly uninterested in exercise (or quick movement) of any kind.


​But there was something about Kudzu and their CrossFit philosophy that caught my attention. My first trip to the box was intimidating, but  only on the surface. The others had clearly been at this much longer than me. I was definitely the newbie and concerned that I would be left behind quickly. Gladly I was wrong. The coaches' belief in the scalability of the workouts is what made CrossFit at Kudzu so appealing. The coaches can move from training true athletes to helping a newbie learn the fundamentals of a squat.


Initially my goals were to finish the workout and still come back for more. As I began to improve my goals changed as well. I now set specific goals focused upon particular movements or activities. I'm also trying to set goals or targets for myself in the strength training and metcons.  Along with goals, fitness and healthy eating have become integral parts of my life.


The most unique thing about CrossFit is the personal side of it. New members aren't new for long and become our friends rather quickly. My wife and I have made many new friends with whom we spend time with outside of the gym and CrossFit. It's these friends and all the others at Kudzu that provide the support and encouragement to push you to finish those last few reps or to go hard as time is running out. They believe in you more than anyone, even yourself.


And the coaches believe in you and your goals. They know everyone and where each is with his or her training. They know when the person needs to be pushed to the next level which the coach knows is just within reach. Coaches Karolina, Stephen and Alden are great   to work with and they are a large part of what has made CrossFit at Kudzu the perfect life changing experience for me. Thanks guys and gal.

Brannon - 24

​Well, I was a former 2 sport college athlete that never really "worked out" unless we had a scheduled bench press or half squat session in the athletic facility. I graduated from MC in 2010 and got a job at a fitness facility in Clinton where I trained or 2.5 years. While I was there I got bored with the regular monotony of the "gym" so I researched. I learned about CrossFit from various sources such as; internet and friends. I wanted more than research so I got my level one certification where I learned even more about CrossFit. Now, how does Kudzu come into play here? These coaches and now friends of mine have been fantastic leaders and coaches and have encouraged me in new ways. I've gained a new respect for our life of fitness. For this I am very thankful for even walking through the doors at Kudzu! I continue my training, even though I am 87 miles away, through Kudzu's Wodify system which allows me to stay in touch and be competitive with the other members! I feel better than I ever have and being a 2 sport collegiate athlete I am in the best shape of my life! And I swear Kudzu has the best members of any gym, I bet you!!! Big thanks to Stephen, Karolina and Alden.

Brian - 41

The hardest part for me was walking through the door but once I did, I was hooked. I was a competitive athlete (football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track) for fifteen years, and for the last twenty years I have only exercised by running three to four times a week. When I started at Kudzu I thought I was in ok shape for my age, I had lower back pain and knee pain constantly and compared to today my energy level was very low. Within the first 2 months I have had no back or knee pain. In five short months crossfit has made me a better person mentally and physically. I love the constant change in our workouts and I have not seen a better facility. The Rouge gear speaks for itself. The coaching staff is great to me and my family. I thank yall for sharing your knowledge and showing patience in training myself, wife and kids. The kudzu family has become a part of our everyday lives. I support all the good people at Kudzu and truly feel my new friends are supporting me. In five months I have fixed back and knee pain, lost 27 lbs, lost 2 inches off my waist, taken 3 minutes off my 5k run, changed my eating habits and I have tons of energy. Everyone should try CrossFit. You will only gain from this experience. THANKS to Stephen, Karolina and Alden! Keep up the good work.

Kudzu CrossFit

"We take a lot of pride in what we do. A coach's success is a lagging indicator of your success and thereby only measurable by your satisfaction." - Stephen Pruitt

Beth - 25

I have always been an active person for the most part but I had never found an exercise regimen that suited me, or rather, one that I didn't get bored with until I started at Kudzu CrossFit.  I've only been participating for a few months now, but I know this will be a long-term thing for me.  Each day is a new challenge which keeps it from getting dull like so many other fitness classes/videos/gyms that I have tried.  Another thing I really enjoy is working out in such an uplifting environment.  Friendly competition and encouragement from coaches and other members has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself to do things that I would NEVER try to do in a regular gym.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent fitness routine whether you are looking to lose fat pounds and gain muscle, to gain mobility and strength for a sport (my tennis game is much-improved), or just looking for a change from your regular workout routine. 

Katie - 27 

Its hard to even know where to begin when writing about something that has become such a major part of my life. Before I joined Kudzu, I didn't know a lot about CrossFit. In all honesty, all I knew was that it was a workout program and that the people I knew, or had seen, that did it were in phenomenal shape. I had been very active all through high school and into college. I was a collegiate cheerleader and that had kept me in pretty good shape. After I was done cheering however, the weight crept up and the physical fitness and activity level went down. After college and for the first four years of my marriage, I would go through spurts of working out. I would do the typical gym thing with the elliptical and leg machines for a while. Then I would get bored and wouldn't see any results, so I would give up on that. For a while I tried to be a runner and train for 5ks. I even attempted to train for a sprint triathlon once with swimming and spin class. I probably own more workout DVDs than is normal as well. No matter what form of exercise I was trying to do, I would always give up after a few months at most. I would get bored with doing the same thing everyday and it seemed that no matter what I was doing, my weight wouldn't really go anywhere but up. That's what led me to Kudzu. When I saw that a "box" (a term that I am still trying to learn to use, most of the time I just call it the gym:) was being opened literally half a mile from my house, I decided that I was going to give CrossFit a try. I mean I didn't have anything to lose except hopefully some fat! 


​​I remember walking into Kudzu the first time. They weren't even open yet and were still working on putting everything together. The only person in there was Karolina. I remember looking at her and thinking "She's so tiny but still looks so muscular and strong". It was exactly what I wanted to look like. Normally this would have totally intimidated me! I mean someone that is so physically fit is probably going to look at me and how out of shape I am and be judgmental. (I know, my self esteem wasn't so awesome at this point) I cannot express how wrong I was! There has never been a single moment in the last 7 (and counting) months that I have been working out at Kudzu that I have felt anything less than completely supported and encouraged. I could not imagine a more concerned staff than the one at Kudzu. Looking back on my first week working out there, I can't help but to smile and laugh a little. I was so out of shape. I remember looking at the first workout and thinking that it wouldn't be that bad, surely I can do that! Well let me tell you, I survived (maybe just barely), but not without some serious help from Karolina as well as the other women in the class around me. In fact, the camaraderie and encouragement of the other people that are in my class are what still get me through most workouts! I also can't believe how far I have come physically and mentally since that first day! Not only have I lost some serious body fat (all along being told by Karolina to ignore my scale and just look at the way my body looks and the way my clothes fit- which is true since I recently bought a size jean that I haven't bought since high school, which led to serious victory dance in the dressing room) but I now know how tough I am. I'm physically tough. I have learned that my body is capable of some pretty amazing things (like I can totally do a pull up now and I couldn't when I started)!


I'm also much mentally tougher than I was when I started at Kudzu. I now know how to accept my strengths and weaknesses and how to defeat the latter! I also now have so much more self confidence than I had before. I've always had confidence in who I was as a person and where I'm going with my life and now, thanks to Kudzu, my confidence in the way I look is being to match that. In fact, my husband calls my fit self my "new crossfit body". I think for the first time, probably in my life, I am kinda looking forward to swimsuit season!! Here's the deal, if you are reading this post and reading this website, just come in!! Take a leap, try out a class! If you're anything like me, you have nothing to lose but weight and more to gain than you can even imagine!! By the way..... I know I talked a lot about Karolina and how great she is (because she really truly is) but the guy coaches, Stephen and Alden, aren't so bad either :) Alden is always pushing me to be better because he believes in me and knows that I am capable of more than I think I am.  Plus he doesn't let me get away complaining or whining too much! I really honestly couldn't imagine a better environment to train in than in this box with these coaches. YAY KUDZU!!!!